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Strawberry Scans!

Hi all!

I've recently joined  a group, Strawberry Scans, to compile Doujinshi, artbooks, illustrations of Kyou Kara Maou and other series.

Do take a look here

and register to show your support!

Of course posting of doujinshi is not restricted to anyone, as long as it is one that has yet to be posted. No language restriction so let's say there is already an English version and you want to post a Spanish version, you are fine to do so!

For now there is only 2 series, mainly Kyou kara Maou and Kuroshitsuji but we are hoping to expand to other serires, so if you want to add others, please tell Komodari (the admin of Strawberry Scans) through the forum but be sure to have the scans ready!

A little background information:
Strawberry Scans was started as a small group to share scans but we realise that most of the scans, RAW or translated, usually gets lost when we post on other forums or on our diary entries. Hence we decided to start a forum where other users, not just us can share scans since till day, there has yet to be a site have offers a comprehensive collection of doujinshi.

In addition, usually groups translate manga, not the artbooks and stuff thus these things are inaccessible to many fans and even if they did, language is a barrier here.

Even though these are scans, but we hope that you can support the original artist, hence we will be providing information on how you can purchase these doujinshi!

We are also searching for people who can contribute by providing scans, translating, etc
if you are new, we can provide some tips on it how to improve or get started.

Thank you for reading!

I'm helping lieselope to share the info about this group ^^
Hello, this is my first post here =P I scanlate some djs in to spanish and englis. I work editing the mostly for another girls who traslate, and sometimes I try and traslate myself some things in english to spanish xD. but I'm a little bad traslator because my english is not so good yet (well....I'm better reading than writing xD).
I know that the comm have to be mostly for english scanlations, but hope you don't mind if I share here too the spanish versions when I upload one in my LJ.

I'm going to link the downloads to my posts in LJ like fake-cuts, I make here a list of all my djs at the moment:

Guru guru baby panic!: only in spanish / solo en español
Descarga (fake-cut)

Whit: English & Español.
Download (fake-cut)

SHK: English & Español.
Download (fake-cut)

Chibbiko fork: English & Español.
Download (fake-cut)

Alice no Koibito vol.1 and Flow, tears and love: English & Español.
Download (fake-cut)

Suki, kirai, suki and Hello! Honey baby!: English & Español.
Download (fake-cut)

And it's all I have for the moment

Royal Manjuu's Second Release

Hey fellow KKM fans~ Well, I'm here to bring you Royal Manjuu's second release - the doujinshi, Alptraum, by Kaori Hatsuyama. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did working on it ^^

AlptraumCollapse )


Royal Manjuu Presents...

Finally! Yeah yeah I know I know, took over a month but it's finally here!

I have to apologize for taking so long. I never thought it would be so complicated lol.

But here you have it! the first Translated Doujinshi from the project. Enjoy!

Koiwazuraini KikukusuriCollapse )


Doujin Translation Project

the title says it all, right now I'm trying to translate the doujins that sammy's currently scanning, but i gotta warn you all, this is the first time I've ever translated something from Japanese to English (also English is not my first language so there's going to be lots of grammar errors). Since this is my first time, I'm reaaaaally slow! slower since school started.

I currently have the first 11 pages of the doujin "Koiwazuraini Kikukusuri" (YuurixWolfram)(I'm not sure if this doujins already translated) this is just a test I'm posting in order to see if I'm not that bad, I would also like a beta, it will make things easier for me,

oh well... enjoy! lol
Jump Jump!Collapse )

New Orders Made

I went on JPqueen and found more Yuurams to add to the collection. I've ordered the following:

Cutie Honey
Dawn # 3 (final vol)
Fuyu no Ne
Happy Luppy
Hibi wa Itsumo Azayaka Nandesu
Itsumo Issho ni!
Kimi ga Hoshii Je te veux
Sweet Memory
Yuugetsu # 1

When the original 66 are all done (we're nearly there), or at least the ones that aren't 'out there' are complete, I'll make a comprehensive page to download everything, and include stuff like page count and publisher.

Apart from adding six new doujins, I'd also like to remind the community something:

This LJ community isn't just for my scanned doujins or even doujins by Japanese artists. This is a place for members to upload Yuuram/Wolfyuu doujins and comics of their own creation. These can include, but is not limited to the following:

* traditional doujins
* comic strips
* a picture that tells a story
* a picture with a caption or speech bubbles
* edited anime pictures with captions or speech bubbles
* floating creative ideas
* scripts for a doujins/comics

Please don't be afraid to show off your work, we'd love to comment and ogle!

Alice no Koibito ~ act 1
Rating: G
Genre: Angst
Other Characters: Conrart, Gwendal, Jozak, Murata, Gunter, Shinou, Daikenja,
Sam's Synopsis: Wolfram falls under the spell of an enchanted book and stuff happens: Murata goes in for a snog, Gunter spazzes here and there, Yuuri takes Wolfram for a day on the town, Murata remisces Shinou's uselessness, while Wolfram has a few fainting spells - it's either something to do with the book or he's showing signs of early pregnancy (ok, I have nothing to back this up XD).

Genre: Romance, Humour
Other Characters: Conrart, Adelbert
Sam's Synopsis: Wolfram seduces Yuuri with his hott body. As Yuuri helps himself, Wolf reminisces about the days when Conrart taught him out to swing a sword and raise his other sword. Conrart asks the boys if they want any coaching, but Yuuri's having none of it, as a baseball boy he knows his way around a bat!

Sannan x Junan x Kamonanban
Genre: Humour
Other Characters: Murata
Sam's Synopsis: The couple want to explore new ways to express their love, and come to one conclusion: bestiality. This doujin has them discussing the various animals that would be most exciting to...try.

Bokura no Renai Jijou
Rating: G
Genre: Humour
Other Characters: Gwendal, Giesela,
Sam's Synopsis: A series of comic strips detailing the adventures of Yuuri and Wolfram, as they deal with squeeling and scheming fangirls - and each other.

Love Me Tender
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Humour
Other Characters: Conrart, Murata, 
Sam's Synopsis: After rejecting Conrad's subtle advances, Yuuri makes a point to romance Wolfram with the following: fancy dinner setting, pissing him off, cheesy grins and sweet kisses. The ghost of Yuuram haunts them come morning.

Rating: G
Genre: Cute, Humour, Romance
Other Characters: Conrart, Anissina, Gwendal, Greta, Shori
Sam's Synopsis: The happy couple have married, and as we know, where there's a wedding, there's a wedding night. Anissina decides to document the momentous occasion, inviting special guests, Gwendal and Conrart to voice their witty commentary.
Here's the Megaupload batch, coming in at 41.88 MB in size (Alice no Koibito is quite long).

Six More Knocked Off The List

So, I've just scanned, edited (before I upload, I need to lower the resolution in photoshop for each file) and uploaded six doujins. It's late and I'm exhausted, so I'll take a rain check on the synopses and do those after some sleep. Better to have them up for the grabbing, right?!

Mitsumitsu Torotoro Amaama
Rating: PG
Genre: Anthro, Humour
Other Characters: Gwendal, Conrart, Celi, Greta

Rating: PG
Genre: Angst
Other Characters: Gwendal, Gunter, Conrart

Golden Sky High
Rating: G
Genre: Humour, Adventure
Other Characters: Gwendal, Gunter, Conrart, Murata, Anissina

Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Violence
Other Characters: Conrart, Greta, Gwendal

Love Mania
Rating: G
Genre: Cute, Humour, Slice of Life
Other Characters: Greta, Gwendal, Murata, Shinou, Shori, Conrart, Daikenja, Effie (oh, the irony!), Yuuram, Maou!Yuuri, Sangria, Dacascos

Tatoeba Konna Ohanashi ~Tail of Fantasy!?~
Rating: G
Genre: Humour, Fantasy
Other Characters: Gwendal, Anissina,

Megaupload batch is available too.

New Yuuram Orders

Weee! I just checked out JP Queen and they have new Yuurams!!! *jumps up and down and blows tons of cash...again* XD I'll keep you posted as when they arrive. Hopefully next week. They're usually quick to deliver. You'll also notice I've purchased the manga. About time, ay.

Here's what I've ordered:
1-3 Maruma Sairokubin (reprint collection)
7 cm to Chokotto
Azayaka na Hana {A Vivid Flower}
Binetsu no Mukou e
Dawn # 2 "The OUTSET"
Hello!! Honey Baby!!
Hemisphere (revised edition)
Kimi to Tomoni Ayumu Michi
Mahiru no Kekkon/Chikyuu Jikan
Never Cry for Me
On you
Shiawase no Sumu Kuni -believe your will- {you're the one who make me happy}
Tenohira Hoshi Hanabira
Tokimeki Ichibanboshi
Tokimeki Ma no Tsuku Memorial!
Wedding Daisakusen
Kyou kara Ma no Tsuku Jiyuugyou! # 1 - #5

Sam's Inept Synopsis

Sorry for the wait. Here are five more doujins.
You'll see I've included a new feature - Sam's Synopsis - I stress I only know limited Japanese, so this feature is based on humorous observations, looking at the images, and shoudn't be taken seriously!

Rating: PG
Genre: Humour
Other Characters: Murata, Shori, Miko
Sam's Synopsis: So, Yuuri, is a sword under your jacket, or are you that happy to be back on Earth? Our lovely couple arrive on Earth and promptly retreat to the Shibuya household. Murata is well ahead, and while watching some telly, comments on the love scratches on Yuuri's back. Meanwhile, Wolfram is cozy asleep when Shori decides to affirm Wolfram's gender. Before he can do this, Wolfram, sleepily mistakes him for Yuuri. We then see what other sport Yuuri has a knack for. Later on, Murata brings the couple an after sex snack.

Home Sweet Home
Rating: Humour, Slice of Life
Genre: M
Other Characters: Miko, Shoma, Shori
Sam's Synopsis: Miko welcomes her new son in law to the family. Wolfram decides the best way to fit in on Earth is to be humble - therefore he picks out the most unflattering, ugliest clothes imaginable. It being Winter and the family wanting to be economical, they decide to warm the house with the couple humping in the livingroom. Shori is bitterly disappointed that his heating plan to threesome with Murata and Yuuri was rejected.

Royal Couple
Rating: G
Genre: Humour
Other Characters: Murata, Greta, Conrart, Sara, Miko, Anissina, Gunta, Gwendal,
Sam's Synopsis: It's Yukinco, do they even know what's going on in their doijins?! Murata takes Yuuri nighty shopping, but Yuuri knows he can't compete with Wolfram's style. Miko observes her son as he sleeps and offers fashion tips, which are pinned to his back the next morning. Yuuri is still concerned over his bedroom attire, so Greta offers to sew him a frilly nighty just like Wolf's. Gwendal is all 'omg, why won't they let me sew it?!'  Wolf lovingly explains to Yuuri that all he really wants is for Yuuri for sleep nekkid. Blowing a sigh of relief, Yuuri proceeds to blow Wolfram.The kingdom is happy again. Gwendal is still 'omg, they didn't let me sew!'

Rating: M
Genre: Angst, Romance
Other Characters: Greta, Murata
Sam's Synopsis: Wolfram dutily reads out a list of sexual moves they've performed, Yuuri finding the list short and realising how uninteresting their sex is. They retreat to the library to hunt down Shin Makoku's answer to the Karma Sutra. The books they locate don't include pictures, though Wolfram thinks there may be one on a higher shelf. As he reaches for the book, he slips and pummels Yuuri. The book lacked pics anyway. Wolfram flashes back to a family picnic at the beach where he wondered if sex on the beach would cause a rash. He begins to weep, wondering if their sex will ever be good enough for Yuuri. That's when Yuuri points out how hot it would be to screw in the library and is especially excited to know two maids are close by to potentially listen in. They agree the sex was hot. Yes.

Kiss ME
Rating: G
Genre: Humour, Slice of Life
Other Characters: Gunter, Conrart, Anissina, Jozak 
Sam's Synopsis: The couple are out on the town, playing undercover bearboys. They grab some lunch and muse on the effectiveness of their cover. 'Yuuri, perhaps you should have worn your maid costume.' 'Dude, totally.' Gunter is annoyed at having not been invited, or consulted on their undercoverwear. Conrart says next time Wolfram should disguise himself as a loli. Yuuri's not taken with the idea, until Conrart mentions the frilly underwear. Wolfram hates the idea and proceeds to beat down Yuuri, till he gives up on Loli!Wolfram. Wolfram agrees to a shota disguise - not that that's a stretch - they kiss. Wolfram demands loli!Yuuri.

Here's the Megaupload batch for download.